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4 New Coins, 4 More Reasons to Trade on the PDAX Mobile App

Explore 4 More Tokens on PDAX

We’re definitely on a roll this year, with four more new coin listings you can trade with on the PDAX Mobile App!

Solana (SOL), Sushi (SUSHI), BNB (BNB) and Stellar (XLM) are now added to our growing coin list which now has 26 cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a brief rundown of what each new coin is and has to offer:


Solana turned heads in 2021 as one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies based on price gains, starting in January at a mere $1.84 and closing the year at $170.30 for a massive 9155% increase.

Solana is a blockchain platform, which like Ethereum, allows other blockchain applications to be built on top of it. Its increasing popularity is due to its high speed and extremely low transaction fees which makes it an attractive alternative over the more popular Ethereum network. The global NFT market in particular, once monopolized by Ethereum, has seen a significant percentage shifting towards Solana.


BNB is used on the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange to avail of discounts on trading fees, pay for transaction fees and to invest in other cryptocurrency projects. BNB is currently one of the most traded cryptocurrencies, ranking fifth in market cap just behind Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC).


XLM was designed to make transferring money as simple and affordable as possible on the Stellar network. It takes advantage of blockchain technology to create seamless and secure cross-border transactions, drastically reducing the time and effort it takes to transfer money domestically and abroad—and with the lowest fees too.

It is similar to Ripple (XRP) though it relies on a more open-sourced protocol, which means that the network can be used not just by financial institutions, but also by businesses and even ordinary people for their remittance needs.


SUSHI is an Ethereum-based token which runs Sushi (formerly SushiSwap), a decentralized exchange platform where people can trade cryptocurrencies—usually hard-to-find ones that aren’t yet listed in major coin exchanges—making the platform popular among gamers and harcore crypto-enthusiasts. Holding SUSHI or connecting your wallet to the network to provide token liquidity entitles you to a portion of the transaction fees collected from the exchange.

The Sushi platform also offers many yield farming options, allowing its users to come up with their own investment strategies on how to maximize their earnings from SUSHI.

How to trade on the PDAX Mobile App

Setting up an account to trade with these new coin offerings is fast, easy and secure! Just head off to this link to download our mobile app and we’ll set you off on your trading journey in no time.

For now, the new coins can only be traded on the mobile app, though we’re already working on making them available on the web exchange too.

For current users, make sure to have PHPT to be able to trade with these new coins. Converting your cashed-in PHP to PHPT is instant and FREE. For more detailed steps and information on trading fees, click the link to browse our FAQ list.