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Catch on fire with Ely Buendia’s “Flaming Lullaby” on Mintoo

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April 18, 2023

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It was during the 90s when Ely Buendia ignited a revolution in the Philippine music industry, with undoubtedly the biggest name in Filipino rock music–the Eraserheads.  Now in 2023, Ely is still at the forefront of this revolution. Only this time, he’s going at it digitally with his own NFT music collection. 

Soon to launch exclusively on PDAX’s official digital collectible partner, Mintoo, “Flaming Lullaby'' is Ely’s first foray into the world of blockchain-based art.

The unique collection features fractionalized digital artworks created in collaboration with Farrahxyz, a digital artist from New York. The collection comes with exciting utilities for users such as access to exclusive content and unreleased lyrics, a brand new song called 'Hele', and more.

The collection was put together by Artifract, a pioneer in fine arts NFTs. 

A fractionalized artwork is an NFT which is broken into smaller components, allowing several people to claim ownership of a piece of the same NFT. 

Early access for the "Flaming Lullaby'' collection will open on May 1, 2023.  Fans can sign up on Ely Buendia's Artifract page and read more information on how to avail of exclusive offers through this link

“Flaming Lullaby” will provide fans and art enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to own a piece of Philippine music history with exclusive access to personalized content and unreleased lyrics written by Ely.  Owning a piece from the collection will give fans a chance to unlock other perks such as merchandise, access to live sessions and meet-and-greet opportunities with Ely Buendia himself. 

How to set up your Mintoo account

  1. Log in to your PDAX account.
  2. Tap on “Collectibles” from the home screen. You will then be redirected to Mintoo. 
  3. Carefully read the Terms and Conditions for Mintoo and click or tap “I Agree”.
  4. Create your unique username for Mintoo.
  5. Once your account is set up, you can now view the collections available. 

How to purchase your digital collectible

Digital collectibles in Mintoo can be conveniently purchased with PDAX’s internal utility token, PHPT. You can top off your PHPT by cashing in and converting your PHP to PHPT.  For detailed instructions on how to convert your PHP to PHPT you may visit this link

  1. Make sure you have enough PHPT balance in your PDAX account. 
  2. Tap on “Collectibles” from the home screen. You will then be redirected to Mintoo. 
  3. View the collections available. Select which collectible you wish to purchase and tap “Buy”. 
  4. Review your PHPT balance and the price details and tap “Next”.
  5. Tap “Buy” to confirm your purchase order. 
  6. You can tap “Go to Transaction History” to view the status of your order. 
  7. Once your order is successful, you can now view your collectible in your Mintoo account. 

You can also follow Mintoo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok.

Ready to start with digital collectibles?

Start your collection with Mintoo on PDAX.

DISCLAIMER: The statements in this article do not constitute financial advice. PDAX does not guarantee the technical or financial integrity of the digital collectibles or their ecosystems. Any and all trading involving digital collectibles are subject to the user’s risk and discretion and must be done after adequate and in-depth research and analysis.The digital collectibles traded on the platform are not presently subject to any specific registration requirements under applicable Philippine law and are not registered with any Philippine regulatory authority. 

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