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Meet Rodel Gonzalez: The only Filipino artist licensed by Disney

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July 21, 2023

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Rodel Gonzalez proves that he can specialize in tunes and hues as he brings his fine art into the blockchain. Gonzalez is known as the former vocalist for OPM band Side A with hits that generations sing even today. 

Gonzalez was born into a family of artists. He started painting at 7 years old and went on to pursue a degree in interior design at the Philippines School of Interior Design. Aside from colors and strokes on canvas, he recognized art in music, too. At age 20, Gonzalez co-founded the band Side A along with his brother and the rest was history. 

Seventeen years later, Gonzalez retired from the music scene and moved to the US to focus on his passion for fine art. His masterpieces consist of landscapes and seascapes matched with realism and impressionism. 

Beach Patrol by Rodel Gonzalez  

Beach Patrol by Rodel Gonzalez 

By 2008, Rodel Gonzalez became the first and only Filipino artist to get licensed by cartoon and mass media company Disney. Since then, he has been reproducing scenes from Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies as artworks with his own spin on them.

Rodel Gonzalez is like all artists who started out with paintbrushes and canvas and is also among those who embrace innovation. With the technology behind blockchains, fine art and digital art are able to coexist. 

Check out The Fine Art of Rodel Gonzalez on Mintoo. Collectors who purchase from this collection will receive the physical artwork of the digital collectible purchased from Mintoo, or those who buy the painting from the exhibit will get its NFT version as well.

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